Frequently Asked Questions:



Do I have to wait until the tenant vacates to change agents?

If your Management Authority is on a periodic agreement (the fixed dates have expired) then no, you do not have to wait. If you want to change agents at any time during a tenancy (and providing you do not have a current fixed contract) this is a very easy process. You will need to read your Management Authority to see what notice period is required and once notice is given we take care of the management changeover with the agent and tenant.



What makes Peak Property different from other agents?

We treat you with respect. We communicate regularly with you and you are our priority. We have attention to detail, dedication and experience.  Try us out and be happy with the result.



When do I get paid by Peak Property?

We pay our owners once a month on the closest last business day to the end of the month to ensure that you receive as much income as possible for that period. 



What happens if things go wrong with the tenant?

Unfortunately sometimes tenants can stop paying rent or things are damaged. We have a zero tolerance on rent arrears and as such will know immediately if rent is in arrears. We promptly take the required action to rectify this. If items are damaged we will endeavour to have the tenant rectify this at the time of noticing these items. We are also here to assist with court or insurance claims should the need arise.




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